Old Nairabet Gambling Service

The modern world largely determines the trends in technology development and general globalization. More and more bookmakers decide to abandon classic offline offices in favor of progressive current online betting sites. A lot of competing betting sites are now fighting among themselves for a place in the sun. Luring newbies, they offer more and more lucrative start-up bonuses for new accounts and more and more advanced affiliate programs to attract new users.

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And if you think about it, it’s elementary and convenient. Thanks to progressive mobile apps, the whole world of online betting is right in your pocket around the clock. Betting on the outcome of a sporting event has never been easier. All you need is to choose the right and most convenient service for you. This review will focus on Nairabet.ng, the largest and most trusted bookmaker in Nigeria.

Short Summary

Nairabet is a classic bookmaker in the most traditional sense of the term. This is not a modern hybrid betting platform that combines both classic championship betting and esports betting. In this case, we are talking about a traditional site with a classic interface.

Old Nairabet

Old Nairabet is distinguished by many similar sites’ design characteristic – massive tables overflowing with data, full information, and utmost ease of navigation. The main sections of the site are placed in the main menu in separate tabs. Each tab is a timely substructure that is able to entertain the user regardless of the rest of the content. To give the reader the complete picture of the structure of Nairabet old version, I propose to consider separately each of the tabs presented.


The “Sports” tab is also the site’s home page and the main functional area in the interface. It is here that summary tables are presented with information about all the sporting events taking place. This is where a sports analyst spends most of his work time comparing and analyzing odds and studying tournament brackets.

Nairabet Nigeria covers significant tournaments in all significant sports disciplines. You can find game draws for championships in such fields as hockey, soccer, tennis, baseball, basketball, darts, and many others. The site presents almost all sports destinations that you have ever heard of.


The “In-Play” tab is the main tool for fans of all kinds of live bets. The local toolkit should be given credit, which is a full-fledged interactive user interface with the ability to customize personal sessions from matches of interest. In some sports, the progress of the game is emulated by special presentations. There is an interactive field on the right side of the window for constant monitoring of the current coefficients.

The user interfaces for tracking live rates on the Nairabet old website are often superior to competitors in terms of ergonomics and functionality. This interface is an ideal tool for professional analysts, and it supports the ability to personalize one point at a time. The “In-Play” tab is Nairabet’s strength. Very few competitors are able to offer anything even remotely similar.

nairabet old version


Many bookmakers include additional online casino functionality, and Nairabet is definitely no exception. The local casino offers the opportunity to have fun playing primitive and straightforward games, winning little extra funds or losing them. Nairabet Casino supports all the classic modes that every gambler is entirely familiar with.

nairabet games

Here you will find classic slots with different winning rules and alternative designs. Slots, however, always remain slots – no tactics or strategy, only chance, and blind luck. Also on the Nairabet website are classic coinflip, roulette, and crash. The platform is not limited to simple and well-known modes – fans of extreme and intricate entertainment will find blackjack, poker, and even Hi-Lo here for their pleasure.


A distinctive feature of this Nairabet review will be the mention of the so-called “virtual championships”. This direction was developed precisely at the pandemic height when the intensity of classic sports events dropped to a record minimum. Virtual championships are tournaments in which the outcome of matches is emulated by a particular system that takes into account the strengths and weaknesses of opponents, personal history of meetings and adds a random coefficient to all this.

You can place bets on virtual matches in this section – these games have never been played and will never take place in reality. They exist exclusively in the context of the site emulator. However, watching virtual championships is often no less attractive than real ones. There are almost no pauses and delays between virtual matches, and the outcomes of individual games often turn out to be more natural and logical in the emulator.

Golden Race 

The famous GoldenRace tournament is also included in a separate tab on Nairabet. Here you can find the largest and most popular tournaments, on which you can immediately place express bets, including bets on unique events. In addition, right here, you can watch a high-quality video broadcast of the event.


The last functional page of Nairabet contains active promotions. It is recommended to carefully read this page before registering on the site – where you can find promotional codes and useful bonuses for new users. Sometimes you can get free bets, sometimes a fixed bonus on your first deposit, sometimes a doubling of your first deposit. It’s always nice to get an extra $ 500 for a $ 500 deposit, isn’t it?

Pros and Cons 


  • Deposit methods. Nairabet offers many alternative deposit methods, and you can replenish your account using many popular payment systems and instantly using ATMs around the clock.
  • Design and optimization. The classic design of old Nairabet is as simple and understandable as possible for every beginner and professional gambler. That being said, the optimization of all functional elements is really impressive.
  • Games offered. Nairabet covers all major and local events in every popular sports discipline.
  • In-play interface. The local interface for live betting is vastly superior in convenience and functionality to competitors’ offerings.
  • Mobile app. Nairabet has a full-fledged mobile application that completely repeats the functionality of the desktop version of the betting platform.
  • Casino game modes. The built-in online casino is replete with different modes for every taste.
  • Virtual championships. Nairabet’s built-in virtual championship system often generates more intense and spectacular stories than actual matches.


  • Promotions. Promotions on the site do not happen often and do not differ in impressive generosity.
  • Technical support. The speed and responsiveness of technical support do not fully meet modern standards.
  • Terms and conditions. Due to the built-in online casino, Nairabet is banned in some countries.

Overall Rating

Reliability 9\10
Payment Options 10\10
Betting Experience  8\10
Promotions 7\10
Functional 9\10
Mobile Experience  9\10
Support 7\10
Summary 9\10


How Does Old Nairabet Work?

In order to start betting on Nairabet, you need to create an account, register, and log in. Immediately after the initial verification, you can make your first deposit using one of the payment systems. Funds are credited to your account almost instantly, and nothing else restricts you from being able to start placing bets.

You can bet on individual events or entire tournaments’ outcomes, create express odds or engage in live bets. If you wish, you can try your luck at the local branch of the built-in online casino or try to predict one of the permanent virtual championships’ outcomes.

Welcome Bonus 

The starting bonus on Nairabet can vary greatly depending on the active promotion and the entered promotional code. It is recommended to look for the promo code in affiliate articles and on affiliate channels. Some bonuses may seem extremely significant at the start.

Location and Age Restrictions 

Nairabet.ng is completely legal. In order to register on the site you must be eighteen years old – this limitation is due to the nuances of the legislation and applies to all bookmakers. Before registering on a betting platform, you should make sure that your country is not on the list of countries where sports and casino betting is legally prohibited. There are no other restrictions on registration.

Sign Up \ Registration

Registration on a betting platform is always a severe process with several stages of personal verification. Nairabet is no exception in this regard, and you will also have to go through a full verification process on it. It will not work to log in using a social network – the service strictly controls the number of accounts for each user and carefully checks the entered data.

Deposit Methods and Withdrawal Options 

Nairabet offers several popular payment systems, bank branches, and 24-hour ATMs as deposit and withdrawal methods. All transactions occur almost instantly – depending on the chosen method, from a few minutes to at most an hour.

Promotions and Bonuses

Promotions are one of the platform’s few weak points. They do not pass so often, and bonuses almost always apply only to a new account. Regular users of the service are deprived of attention and are seldom the target audience of promotions.

Mobile App 

The Nairabet mobile app is one of the best deals on the modern sports betting market. The app is extremely well optimized, the design and interface are ergonomic and intuitive. The application is pleasant to use, and it can completely replace the desktop version of the site. In addition, it is the mobile application that is the key to two-factor account protection.

Sports Games Offered

Nairabet covers events in all popular sports disciplines. Football, hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, rugby, golf, horse racing – all this and even more is fully represented in the bookmaker’s tournament grids.

Types of Bets

Users are offered several basic types of bets to choose from. You can make classic sports betting, both singles and forming long and risky express series. You can place bets not only on the outcome of a game or match but also on unique events, such as the first goal scored or the total number of goals scored. In addition, you can make live bets and even form express series from live bets. Nairabet supports all possible types of bets that are found in modern bookmakers.

Privacy and Security

Nairabet is extremely concerned about the security of its users’ accounts. For large bookmakers, reputation always comes to the fore, and nothing can hit the reputation more tangibly than the leakage of customer personal data. You can familiarize yourself with all the nuances on the user agreement page. As part of this Naitabet review, I will only note that there are no security problems on the site.

Customer Support

Technical support is one of the few substantial disadvantages of Nairabet. Operators do not always respond promptly. Sometimes they have to wait for a response for several hours or even several days. Sometimes you get the feeling that the operators prefer formulaic answers over the desire to help the client solve the problem.

Final Verdict 

Nairabet is an excellent bookmaker for betting. The site fully justifies its popularity, offering users impressive functionality and an incredibly high level of optimization of all elements. Working with this site, you will almost certainly not encounter problems, getting little comparable pleasure from the process of betting on sports.


Can I Register Multiple Accounts?

No, Nairabet's terms and conditions strictly prohibit the use of multiple accounts by a single user. In case of revealing signs of multi-accounts, the administration will ban all user accounts without the right to appeal.

How Old Do I Need to Be to Register an Account on the Site?

The standard bookmaker registration rules require that every registered user must be over eighteen.

How to Get Nairabet Betting Codes? 

It is effortless to get codes for Nairabet - you can find them on partner sites and streams and a win in one of the promotions that take place on the site.

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