Old Mobile Nairabet App Review

Nairabet.com old mobile has two ways to use it – it is a newer version of the mobile application that was created recently and older but what to choose? The old version is still popular with people who are very used to it and do not want to get used to something else, such as the new version. Of course, the old version differs from the new not only user-friendly interface. The various usage algorithms and codes written by the programmers used for the new version are a bit more modern than the old one, but considering the old version, it is mostly used by older players who know how to play on this site. Below you can learn more about using the platform and how to succeed more.

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How to Use Nairabet Old Mobile Version?

The first time you visit the platform, you will be given a choice and you can either choose the old version of the application or the new one using the selection bar. If you want the old version then just choose this option. Immediately on the main page, you will see a lot of incomprehensible information that may surprise you at first, but in a few seconds, everything will fall into place. On the left, you can see the panel where you can select one of the games. There are really a lot of them, from football to boxing. By clicking on the game you can see a list of countries where you want to see this game and in which country to place a bet.

Different countries have several teams to choose from, so you can choose your favorite team when the nairabet old mobile app download. Of course, that will not do without advertising, so be prepared for the fact that most of the main screen will be occupied by advertising. In the upper right corner, you can see two more buttons: login and registration on the platform.

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Nairabet Signup

You can register on this nairabet old mobile in two ways, the first by email, the second by mobile number. To begin, you must come up with your nickname, which must consist of at least 6 characters. This can be your abbreviated name or some random order of characters. There are even special sites to come up with a nickname. After that, you must fill in the field responsible for the password. The password has slightly higher requirements, you must specify at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one digit, and the total number of characters should not exceed 25. Next, you must enter your number or email, depending on what you choose. Then you have to confirm your identity via SMS that will come to your email or mobile number. The next step is to confirm the rules of use of the site and you can safely start using it.

Features of Nairabet Old Mobile App 

Nairabet is a platform that is responsible for bookmaking in its usual form. Now there are many sites that contain two subtypes of bets: bets on real sports and competitions, as well as bets on e-sports. But this platform is an older version where there are no bets on eSports. Old Nairabet has many similar features that are characteristic of older versions of these sites – tables with a lot of information, articles with data over a long period of time, complete information, and easy to use and navigate. The main sections of the platform can be seen in the main menu on various pages. On each page, you will find information and actions related to this topic. To give the user complete information about what the old version of Nairabet looks like, you can find out each of these tabs separately.

Sport Nairabet Window

The first page called sports completely copies the main page, the only thing that distinguishes them is usually the lack of advertising. Here you can see two main tables, one of which is called the best sales and the other is a display of matches that are currently taking place. In these tables, there are columns that are responsible for sports. You can see recordings with different countries and matches. In each line, I have a button that allows you to bet on a specific match. You can also see the odds of each match and the score of the match.

In-Play Nairabet Window

The first thing you may notice in this window is the ability to choose to view this page. The first section is a preview of matches where you can choose a sport and you will see a table with matches. The second screen combines several things. First of all, on the right side, you can see the same table as in the first version only in a reduced form. The rest of the screen is occupied by so-called empty spaces where you can add a specific match and watch it in real-time on nairabet old mobile version

These windows will contain more information about a specific game where you can read everything that happens. You can read there the basic information, the number of heads who made them and much more. And on the last screen, you can see the full screen window with a specific match that you choose. There is much more information about a specific match and the ability to follow it.

Casino Nairabet Window

This casino tab resembles a gaming site because you can see many clickable logos along with the casino games at once. Each of them is presented in its own way and allows you to earn a little money on various games similar to a casino. The tab contains completely different casino owners, so you can choose what you like.

Virtual Nairabet Window

This virtual window seems to speak for itself, what can be found in it. You can choose a match that goes in real-time and immediately sees it broadcast on the screen. This provides a great opportunity to follow the game without leaving the site and place a bet immediately. You can also see a table below with matches for today and their odds. You can also see what happened this season, who won, and the top 5 teams and games. On the right side, there is an opportunity to place a bet, you will be shown how much money you can bet and depending on how much you can win. If you have a promo code for a discount, you can also use it here.

Golden Race Nairabet Window

If you’ve ever heard of Golden Race then you should know that in this app also exists. You can watch the match online and place emergency bets as well as bet on impossible events. There are matches of the most famous teams and therefore often the result is immediately obvious.

ActionX Nairabet Window

There you can view the other two platforms for betting, maybe it’s advertising and maybe it’s just an extension of this application. The platform helps you not to miss any action and successfully place a bet.


Nairabet old mobile app is a good platformer for your bets that has done its best to provide a good experience for you. You can use different features, watch matches online within one site and assess your chances of winning. The platform has a lot of information that can help both beginners and users who are professionally engaged in this.

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